Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beamer Barn, Oakley, KS State Historic Monument

Oakley's historic Beamer Barn needs a benefactor!  It's lost most of its shingles and has many other issues, but is still home to this pinto and several others.  This dutch gambrel style roof and even this very style of cupola-thingy is ubiquitous in this area, which according to a local was home to many German and other nationalities of Catholics in the last couple centuries. I was pleasantly surprised to find a church or even cathedral in many towns, and 66 loves her some cemeteries of old!  The horse pictured took three bites out of Monica after trying to star in my video.  He's a self-centered pain in the arse and is being sent elsewhere (according to farmer Tom Sharp who graciously let us into the paddock so we could get close to his historic barn).

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